TIaaS Presentation at GCC

We presented TIaaS at GCC2019, you can see our slides on the event page. We've also produced some training material on the process of evaluating if the service is right for you, and the user experience for your trainees.

Training Infrastructure as a Service

tiaas logo depicting people in queues is proud to provide Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS) for the Galaxy training community. You provide the training, we provide the infrastructure at no cost.

Why TIaaS?

How TIaaS Works

We have several “pools” of VMs attached to that run user jobs. For trainings we attach a new pool of VMs that is specially labelled for that training. When normal users run tools on our server, these jobs are instructed to avoid the training pools by default.

When users join a training, using a special URL we provide you, they then are placed in a special training group. Their jobs will then preferentially run the jobs on a training machine, and, in the event there is no more capacity, they will run on the main queue. If a spot on a training VM opens up first, they will run there rather than continuing to wait in the main queue.

Before users can join a specific piece of training, they need to be logged into the European Galaxy server. Once the training is over, the data will stay available for further use. However, we encourage you to clean up all the histories whenever this data will not be used anymore.

Some more general information about the TIaaS service:


We have significant capacity and have dedicated some of this to providing training using our service. Anyone providing training on using Galaxy is eligible to request the use of this service.

Service Level Agreement

We cannot promise any degree of uptime. We will do our best to have this service online and functioning during the entire time period but there are cases where the service may experience interruptions that are outside of our control. We will keep you informed of any outages that may affect your training.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the request form and we will get in touch with you

  2. Together with you, we will determine how many VMs are needed for your training to run smoothly
  3. We will setup the private queue and give you a URL your users will access to join the training.
  4. Let us know how it went at the GTN Survey!