Björn Grüning's Picture
Björn Grüning

Dr. rer. nat., Researcher, Head of the Team

Anika Erxleben's Picture
Anika Erxleben

Dr. rer. nat., Researcher

Wolfgang Maier's Picture
Wolfgang Maier

Dr. phil. nat., Researcher

Helena Rasche's Picture
Helena Rasche

B.Sc. Biochem., Technician

Joachim Wolff's Picture
Joachim Wolff

M.Sc. Inf., Researcher

Mehmet Tekman's Picture
Mehmet Tekman

Ph.D., Researcher

Anup Kumar's Picture
Anup Kumar

M.Sc. Inf., Researcher

Stephan Flemming's Picture
Stephan Flemming

Dr. rer. nat., Researcher

Gianmauro Cuccuru's Picture
Gianmauro Cuccuru

M.Sc. Electronic Eng., Researcher

Simon Bray's Picture
Simon Bray

M.Sc., Researcher

Alireza Khanteymoori's Picture
Alireza Khanteymoori

Ph.D., Researcher

Rolf Backofen's Picture
Rolf Backofen

Prof. Dr., Head of the Lab

Oleg Zharkov's Picture
Oleg Zharkov

M.Sc. Inf., Researcher, Developer

Jan Leendertse's Picture
Jan Leendertse

M.A., Certification, Organisation

Andrew Stubbs's Picture
Andrew Stubbs

Assistant Professor

Yunlei Li's Picture
Yunlei Li

Assistant Professor

Saskia Hiltemann's Picture
Saskia Hiltemann


Youri Hoogstrate's Picture
Youri Hoogstrate


David van Zessen's Picture
David van Zessen


Rick Jansen's Picture
Rick Jansen


Bas Horsman's Picture
Bas Horsman


Olivier Collin's Picture
Olivier Collin

GenOuest team leader

Olivier Sallou's Picture
Olivier Sallou

Development engineer leader

Anthony Bretaudeau's Picture
Anthony Bretaudeau

INRAE Engineer, BIPAA team leader

Stéphanie Robin's Picture
Stéphanie Robin

INRAE Engineer, BIPAA team member

Federico Zambelli's Picture
Federico Zambelli

ELIXIR-Italy technical coordinator and Laniakea team leader

Marco Antonio Tangaro's Picture
Marco Antonio Tangaro

Laniakea Lead developer

Matteo Chiara's Picture
Matteo Chiara

CoVaCs and VYNIL lead developer

Pietro Mandreoli's Picture
Pietro Mandreoli

Laniakea developer

Martina Alvera's Picture
Martina Alvera

Laniakea Junior developer

Marica Antonacci's Picture
Marica Antonacci

INFN developer