Galaxy HTS data analysis workshop for CRC 1425, CRC 992 and MeInBio members


From 2022-02-21 to 2022-02-25 - Add to your Calendar

We are offering a Galaxy workshop on high-throughput data analysis. This is an online course and is limited to the members CRC 1425, CRC 992 and MeInBio.




Every day, the workshop will run from 10:00-15:00 CET (give or take, depending on questions at the end). If the times will change, it will be announced during the workshop.


Day Topics
Mon HTS and Galaxy presentations and introduction
Tue ATAC-Seq data analysis
Wed RNA-Seq data analysis part I
Thu RNA-Seq data analysis part II
Fri Advanced Galaxy features, discussions, bring your own data.


  1. Please create an account in the European Galaxy server to perform the analysis. Participants from the MPI Freiburg, please note that the European Galaxy server is different from the MPI Galaxy server. You will need to have an account on as well.
  2. For the workshop, all you need is a computer with a latest web browser.
  3. Galaxy interactive tours guide you stepwise through the Galaxy user interface and the history. They will help you to follow the Galaxy introduction, and ensure everyone has a basic understanding of how Galaxy works. It is recommended to go through the following two Galaxy interactive tours before beginning the training, but it is not mandatory.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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