ELIXIR-ITALY has officially announced the Laniakea@ReCaS Call, starting on 10 February 2020. The ELIXIR-ITALY Laniakea@ReCaS Call offers access to Cloud resources to be used for the deployment of on-demand Galaxy instances through the Laniakea platform. Users of the service will be able to configure, launch, and manage their Galaxy instance(s) on the Cloud using a user-friendly interface.

Laniakea@ReCaS becomes an EOSC Provider

February 28, 2020 ELIXIR-IT/Laniakea galaxy laniakea

Laniakea@ReCaS is now a European Open Science Cloud provider, thus opening the service to all EOSC users.

PIPE-T paper published

November 26, 2019 ELIXIR-IT/Laniakea tools

PIPE-T is a new Galaxy tool implementing a workflow for parsing, filtering, normalizing, imputing, and analyzing RT-qPCR data.